tiistai 26. heinäkuuta 2011

MONOTRIBE drum mod and peek inside


KORG's new MONOTRIBE mod released.
Enabling to set BD/SD/SD-Noise/HH Decays.

Quess who's gonna bend it?

Original post from MATRIXSYNTH
and Video of the mod by poster: POOLPARTYFY

edit: 28.07.2011

Do it on your own risk! I take no responsibility.

note details:

"BD and SD Decay can be set with 2K2 log potentiometers. It is very important to add a 300Ohm resistor to it, to avoid a continuous decay, that never stops!
HH and SD-Noise Decay are set by a two way switch that has no connection on middle position and a 5MOhm and 20MOhm on the outer positions. While the resistor value needs to be very high to get acceptable decay modifications, i decided to use switches. The switches have no connection when set to center position, so the original decay value is still available. With both outer positions of the switch shorter decay values are possible."

about syncing:

This connection is "electribe > monotribe"
Split channel (on ER-1) ・Left = sync ・right=sound.
video about ER-1 and MONOTRIBE synced

edit 3.8

Korg Monotribe VCO output mods

via Logan Erickson on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

"Center lug on the VCA pot is the VCA output... and the 3 positions on the waveform switch are the individual wave outputs. I tested these tonight.. haven't wired them up yet. but they work.. use a 150-1000 ohm resistor on each output.

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  1. Heippa! Do you know if it's possible to mod monotribe in such a way that external audio feeds to the filter independently of synth part? I'm relly bugged by synth envelope affecting aux input as well?